Debra Dixon, 
BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books

Working with Word Cat is a pleasure. Every book we place for copyediting receives the same excellent and professional edit with an attention to detail that never fails to impress. Highly recommended.

Diana Pharaoh Francis

Brittany may be the best copyeditor I’ve ever had. She queries where needed, she knows her grammar and checks for consistency and never goes too far. I would crawl on glass to have her copyedit my books.

Robin E. Cook, Production Editor
Kensington Publishing

Brittany is a versatile proofreader and copyeditor. She has handled different fiction genres and has always been reliable and efficient.

Donald J. Fraser,

Hiring Brittany to proofread The Emergence of One American Nation was a great decision, and I’m looking forward to working with her again. She’s professional, practical, and serious about helping you succeed. She is also very detailed oriented and incredibly thorough.

Shannon Hammer, Author

I’m finally getting thru the details of your edits and they are amazingyou have far exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed by your attention to detail, how thoroughly you look at the big picture and give a global view as well as a line-by-line view, and know your stuff as far as style and formatting. I will never work with anyone else :-)