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The Scottie Barked At Midnight
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Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design
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Murder in Hindsight
Eduardo Chibas: The Incorrigible Man of Cuban Politics
Rebel Prince
The Wicked Awakening of Anne Merchant
Makin' Miracles
Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern
The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide
Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles
Crude Justice: How I Fought Big Oil and Won,  and What You Should Know About the New Environmental Attack on America
Through the Eye of the Tiger: The Rock 'n' Roll Life of Survivor's Founding Member
Trace of Magic
Cry Love
The One Week Marketing Plan: The Set It & Forget It Approach for Quickly Growing Your Business
Historical Dictionary of Sikhism
Apart at the Seams

Word Cat Editorial Services provides professional editing services for publishers and individual authors. 


Editorial Approach

Each level and type of editing fulfills a specific purpose in the editorial process. My goal is to understand the overall context of each client's project and fit my editorial work to those needs. For example, as a copyeditor, my role is to help an author communicate effectively with readers by editing for clarity, consistency, and accuracy.

When an author's text is clear and accessible to readers, it's like a key that turns easily in a lock. The reader can open the door and step inside the author's world.

Back outside in the arena of day-to-day business, copyediting is a critical link in the publishing process. As a copyeditor, I am guided by the practicalities of time, budget, and the context of each project.