Developmental Editing

In developmental editing, I focus on big-picture issues, including theme, structure, plot, pacing, point of view, voice, character, time lines, settings, internal logic, and narrative techniques. This step in the editing process will help you determine whether the manuscript as written accomplishes what you have aimed for. 

If youve received specific feedback from agents or beta readers but don’t know how to evaluate their suggestions and implement changes, the developmental edit will provide an impartial evaluation of your manuscript, identify the most critical opportunities for improvement, and give you a workable plan for revisions. My developmental edits focus on the main elements that, if revised, will contribute the most to improving the overall narrative.

When I’ve completed the edit, you’ll receive a thorough written analysis of your manuscript in which I’ll evaluate how effectively the various narrative elements work together, identify weaknesses or structural problems, and provide suggestions and techniques for improvement. The manuscript will also be returned to you with extensive developmental line edits; that is, I’ll show you where and how to implement the revisions I’ve recommended in the letter.

Using this analysis as a guide to your revisions will also help you develop your writing skills for future projects.